In 2015, I was studying fine art at ArtEZ Art Academy, Arnhem. Because of my affinity with music, sound and noise, the school was kind enough to let me claim one of the basement rooms as my studio. I was very happy with it, because it was a huge space. In fact, it was so big that I didn’t know what to do with it at first. I decided that I would turn it into a recording studio. I found a few pianos, two electric organs, an ukulele (which I later turned into an electric ukulele), a few basic microphones, 44 wooden pallets to treat the walls with and some other fun items involved in sound-production. I figured, that making this space would lead to an increasing demand in recording oneself. And it did.

A few weeks in, I was still busy building my studio. I didn’t have a concrete idea when I would be finished. But all of a sudden, a dozen fellow students stood in my studio. They had with them a crate of beer, and a wish: to record an album. I thought it was a great idea, so we started recording. Using limited means, and some improvised DIY recording, we made a 12-track album in one day: ‘Live op Vlieland - The Best Of The Best Way Of The Best Of The Day Before I Get A Good Time With The Best Thing To Say’.

After the recording day was over, it was up to me to edit, pick and mix what would be on the album and what wouldn’t. When I was done and was able to listen to it in full, I realized that I really liked it. It wasn’t just an album. It was a recording of a dozen people working together in a limited space, using limited means and having a limited amount of time. It was a field recording, a scientific log, a footprint, a residue and the product in one.

I decided that I wanted to do this more. The ‘Live op Vlieland’-album was so important to me. It would be a pity if no one could ever listen to it. That’s why I founded Broken Toaster Records: to record and publish performative actions involving sound, image, music and people. The last two years I’ve been mainly working with artists Jelle Slof and Ide André. They are both collaborators and material in one, having their own minds and being part of a piece at the same time. Lately I’ve been introducing objects into this stirring pot as well.

- Kasper van Moll -