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Broken Toaster Records is a performance art collective / fictional recordlabel from the Netherlands. Its members are Kasper van Moll, Jelle Slof and Ide André. Founded in 2015 in the basement of the ArtEZ School for the Arts in Arnhem (NL), Broken Toaster Records creates site specific performances and performative settings taking the concept of 'the band' as a starting point. Over the years it has produced more than forty uniquely different performances or 'bands' whose documentation ranges from albums, field recordings, after-movies and live-streams. Due to its ambiguous nature, a BTR show might be stumbled upon while visiting the opening of a new gallery, a music festival or while walking past that creepy alleyway on your way home from your visit to your local grocery late at night.

Born in Nijmegen (NL) in 1992. Kasper van Moll got his BA in Fine Arts from ArtEZ Arnhem (NL), in 2016. He graduated from the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam (NL) in 2020, where he received an MFA in Fine Art & Design. Both in his performances as in his paintings his interests revolve around collectivity, intersubjectivity, (sub)cultures, the weird and the eerie.

kasper van moll.jpg

Kasper van Moll

jelle slof.jpg

Jelle Slof

The year is 2049. The world has exploded and has completely burned down. The Broken Toaster Records collective has gone up in flames. The lone survivor has taken refuge in a monastery in Beuningen, where he tries to keep the BTR spirit alive. Dazed by trauma and post-apocalyptic radioactive dust, J. Slof, now known only as J. Kilduff, makes recordings for posterity. "For the great-great-grandchildren ... yes those yes ... yes yes wooh hooh!" he mutters to himself. Little does he know that he's the last remaining human being on Earth, and that his recordings will never be seen or heard by anyone.

ide andre.jpg

Ide André

Born Ede (NL) 1990. Lives and works in Arnhem. In 2015 he graduated from ArtEZ Arnhem, the performance department, where he was tutored by Alicia Framis. The art magazine Metropolis M reviewed his work in the issue ‘Best of Graduates’ 2015. Invited by curator Hanne Hagenaars, André took part in the Gelderland Biennial.Living, Giving in 2016. That same year he received an Emerging Artist's Grant from the Mondriaan Fund. In 2018, together with artist Koen Delaere, André developed the research project ‘Performance Picture’. The project resulted in the duo exhibition Shake Rattle & Roll at Park, Tilburg.
In 2018 André was awarded with the Sieger White Award by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.  André’s work has been shown in several exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany, and has been acquired by several collections, including De Groen Fine Art Collection, Province Gelderland Art Collection and MAL Collection. 

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